Signature and collectable ceramics

Whether we are are talking about signature ceramics, collectable majolica items or ancient porcelain, our collectable ceramics are one-off items of fine craftsmanship that are processed and decorated by hand, and stand out for their artistic, decorative and historic value.

Our collectable ceramics are prestigious items, created by artists from different backgrounds who, from the post-war period onwards, have worked in the genuinely experimental workshop in our Artistic Division. The idea of bringing together artists to create a series of signature ceramic works, sculptures and decorations that could then be reproduced on objects and tiles, came about during the 1984 Artecotta exhibition in Faenza.

Ceramica d'Autore

Our artists and the museum

Gio Ponti, Domenico Minganti, Joe Tilson, Ugo La Pietra, Hsiao Chin, Lucio Del Pezzo, Germano Sartelli, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Aldo Spoldi: all the artists who have passed through our craft workshop have brought their own distinctive contribution to signature ceramics. Here, collectable majolica ceramics have been created that have travelled the world, while others are preserved in the G. Bucci Museum and Historical-Artistic Archive bears witness to the immense heritage that these artists have left us, while others are reproduced by our decorators to diffuse the beauty and culture of the Made in Italy craft tradition.