21 Febbraio 2023

Collectable ceramics: the unmistakeable profiles of our porcelain Damine.

Whether we are are talking about signature ceramics, collectable majolica items or ancient porcelain, our collectable ceramics are generally one-off items of fine craftsmanship that are processed and decorated by hand according to their origin, manufacturing techniques, decorative style and period.

Porcelain Damine: the exclusive collectable majolicas are a symbol of elegance and design

The collectable majolicas of female figures are inspired on the ceramic art of the early 20th Century, with flowing shapes and shiny and vivid surfaces. Porcelain Damine are harmonious, dreamy figures with genteel gestures and voluminous, voluptuous dresses, captured in bold, modern contours and colours, inspired by the Twenties, Thirties and Forties These figures, collectable ceramics that are solely decorated by hand, contain and convey the ancient know how of Italian craftsmen, a symbol of enchantment and elegance. These distinctive and stylish items can lend a touch of exclusivity to every room of the house.
The design of the porcelain Damine is a triumph of forms and the care for the smallest details, of rich fabrics and charming, at times melancholic, lines. Whilst the ceramic Pierrot and clowns are symbols of the creative freedom of the early 20th Century. Discover the exquisite refinement of this exclusive collection.

Collectable ceramics: Imolarte's porcelain Damine

Amongst the collectable majolicas, Imolarte has produced three different lines of unique porcelain Damine:
  • Bianco Imola, a bold and modern collection of pure form, free of excesses, focusing on the symphony of light and shadow;
  • Gold and lustrous colours, where the precious and sparkling colours set off the sinuous shapes of the porcelain Damine and Pierrot;
  • Colour, this line uses brilliant colour combinations inspired by the palettes of bygone artists.
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