13 Febbraio 2023

Not just tiles: here are our porcelain stoneware items and dishes.

The aim of today's master ceramists is to marry the ingenuity and craftsmanship of clay-making techniques in porcelain stoneware design items, as well as furnishings and dishes.

Aesthetic and functional porcelain stoneware items

Porcelain stoneware is a very resistant type of ceramic and therefore ideal for the production of numerous types of items. From dishes to furnishings, today, tiles are evolving and transforming into sumptuous products with a wide range of shapes and sizes, thanks to the flexibility of the material and its variety of colours and textures. The result is:
  • porcelain stoneware design items of great aesthetic quality and extremely hard wearing;
  • elegant, hygienic and functional
  • porcelain stoneware dishes , that can meet the requirements of the restaurant and hotel sector, such as being resistant to daily wear, easy to clean and with the possibility of combining different styles and colours;
  • customised
  • porcelain stoneware items ideal for providing a touch of elegance and refinement when decorating business premises.

Porcelain stoneware items: the challenge for our master craftsmen

The true innovation today is the possibility of applying the craftsmanship techniques and decorations to the world of porcelain stoneware items. This combination is very rare due to the impossibility of working the raw material by hand and due to a lack of suitable equipment, such as ovens to fire the material and due to the different porosity of the support compared to majolica. Imolarte's master ceramists have accepted this challenge and are now presenting a series of porcelain stoneware dishes that combine the resistance of this material, which is dishwasher, oven and microwave-safe, with fine decorations created with the option of logo and slogan personalisation for specific restaurants, bars and hotels.
Discover Imolarte's five collections of porcelain stoneware dishes here.
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